Admission procedure for international student mobility

All foreign students interested in a stay of international mobility at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) must complete two steps to be admitted:

STEP 1. Submit online application form

VERY IMPORTANT! If you are an Erasmus student or Bilateral Program Exchange “Programas Propios” make sure you have been already nominated by your home institution at the International Relations Office (ORI).

This step is absolutely essential in order to start the online application procedure because in the acknowledgement email you will be indicated the campus where you are going to study at UCLM (if you are an Erasmus student, your destination will be fixed by the campus where the specific bilateral agreement was signed between your home university and UCLM).

In the section "Academic data" check Mobility "without agreement" if you are going to stay outside the Erasmus+ program, that is, if you have been admitted for practices outside a interinstitutional agreement, if you are going to make the stay in the student modality Visitor, if you participate in the Science without Borders program.

If you have doubts about completing the section "Academic data or other sections" contact the ORI of the campus where you are going to make the stay:

Contact data International Office (ORI)

Campus Albacete

Campus Ciudad Real

Edificio Polivalente
C/Cronista Francisco Ballesteros Gómez, 1
02071 – Albacete, Spain/España

Telf.:: +34967599249
• E-mail:

Edificio Casa del Estudiante
Av. Camilo José Cela s/n
13071 - Ciudad Real, Spain/España

Telf.:: +34926295320
• E-mail:

Campus Cuenca

Campus Toledo

Vicerrectorado de Extensión Universitaria
Camino del Pozuelo s/n
16080 - Cuenca, Spain/España

Telf.:: +34969179155
• E-mail:

Edificio de Madre de Dios
Cobertizo de San Pedro Mártir s/n
45071 Toledo, Spain/España

Telf.:: +34925265744
• E-mail:

STEP 2. Learning Agreement

Once you have recorded the application, you will return to this page, where you must download and complete the LEARNING AGREEMENT (this document is only valid for international mobility). The learning agreement must be properly completed, stamped and signed by you and your international mobility coordinator before you attach it to online enrollment. The learning agreement is a first selection of the courses that you want to take at the UCLM.

Attention! Before completing the learning agreement, be sure at your home institution you have been selected for one of the UCLM campus, since UCLM has 4 main campuses. The destination campus is important in the choice of courses among other things, since even though they have the same name, a subject can be taken in different semesters depending on the campus.

Visit this link to check the list of courses available: First of all, you should select the campus, and then, the Faculty or School of UCLM where you will study according to the field of study in which you have been nominated. If you do not know this information, please contact your home University. 


All exchange students must scan the signed learning agreement and attach it to their online registration along with a scanned copy of their passport or identity document. Students of Bilateral exchange or “Programas Propios”must send by e-mail to the ORI of the campus in which they are going to stay during the mobility, the rest of documentation that sends their university (letter of motivation, transcript of records, letter of recommendation, etc.)


All students of international mobility must be provided with insurance that covers their entire stay at the UCLM. All students must present a copy of their European Health Insurance Card or equivalent document, in the case of non-European students, they must submit a copy of a medical insurance.
This health document is mandatory to be able to enroll at UCLM.

You will be asked to enter a valid e-mail address in your online application form, which we will use for sending you all the necessary information for your stay. After checking your application, the ORI will send you an official e-mail confirming if your registration is correct or asking you for additional information. If you don’t receive any email from UCLM after two weeks, please contact the ORI of the campus where you intend to study. NOT BEFORE!

Afterwards, you will receive another email with information about accommodation, Spanish language courses, etc.

IMPORTANT: ORI will prepare the acceptance letters and send them to the International Relations Coordinator at the University of the Non-European Exchange Students that need to apply for a visa.


  • 15th June for the first semester (sept-Jan) /full academic year
  • 30th November for the second semester (Feb-Jun)

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